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Cellulite Reduction

A complete cellulite program combines detoxification, nutrition, and manipulation of congested tissue. Few people realize that a key element of cellulite is actually a toxic body condition. When the body’s circulation and elimination systems become impaired, toxins and waste materials become trapped in the connective tissue. The toxic condition is internally unhealthy and the dimpled appearance of the skin externally is bothersome to most who suffer from it. Cellulite Reduction starts with flushing toxins and waste materials from the body by stimulating circulation and the lymphatic system.

Flagstaff Face & Body is excited to offer an all-natural holistic approach to body contouring. After much research, the M’Lis Body Contour System has become an essential component to our comprehensive program. The M’Lis system combines detoxification and an anti-cellulite lifestyle with the Body Contour Wrap to help you cleanse your body’s waste system, lose inches, stimulate circulation, tighten and tone skin. The Body Contour Wrap can be a beneficial one-time treat or part of your full body detoxification program.

The final component in our comprehensive Cellulite Reduction program is Flagstaff Face & Body’s own Body Sculpt Massage. Specific massage strokes are performed to manipulate stagnant, congested tissue, further stimulating circulation and breaking the pattern of stubborn disfiguring fatty deposits. Home maintenance products maximize results when used during and after the series of wraps and massage and tend to prevent future cellulite accumulation.


Flagstaff Face & Body offers free consultations for The M’Lis Body Contour Program as well as complementing services such as the Body Sculpt Massage and LipoDissolve®. LipoDissolve® is a medical treatment for patients already living a healthy lifestyle that need help with certain target areas. Consultations are required to determine if you are a good candidate for LipoDissolve® treatments. Call today to set your appointment for Healthier Living.

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