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We are  pleased to share with our readers with a fantastic collection of healthy recipes — for your appetite, your brain, and even your skin.

Our recipes for spa cuisine and DIY spa treatments emphasize using fresh, healthy ingredients, but leaving room for an occasional indulgence — we can’t be saintly all the time.

“Moderation in all things, including moderation.” — Petronius

Our recipes are contributed through a variety of sources — some are created by our own team after enjoying food and treatments in renowned spas the world over, while others are graciously contributed to us by our participating spa and resort members, notable healthy cooking merchants, and natural home spa and beauty authors.

Spa Index Recipe Collection


DIY Insomnia Milk Bath

Every facet of this Insomnia Milk Bath is designed with rest in mind. Lavender, well known for it calming properties, milk, marjoram and essential oils.

DIY Pumpkin Body Moisturizer

This is a terrific and so-simple (3 ingredients!) DIY pumpkin body moisturizer recipe to calm and sooth wintery dry skin. This treatment keeps well in the refrigerator to get you through the dry winter skin phase.

DIY Cold Cream Recipes

Did you know cold cream was formulated in Rome to soothe wounded gladiators? We have two cold cream recipes for you to try when you need to face the lions.

DIY Silky Rose Dusting Powder

Roses are so commonly associated with Valentine’s Day, we are sharing this recipe to either get a head start on sweet smelling Valentine’s Day gifts for your BFFs, daughters, and mothers, or, for those of you lucky enough to receive a dozen roses from your...

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We love sharing our own recipes, and, repinning wonderful spa recipes, and home spa party and spa diy tips from others.

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