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We are  pleased to share with our readers with a fantastic collection of healthy recipes — for your appetite, your brain, and even your skin.

Our recipes for spa cuisine and DIY spa treatments emphasize using fresh, healthy ingredients, but leaving room for an occasional indulgence — we can’t be saintly all the time.

“Moderation in all things, including moderation.” — Petronius

Our recipes are contributed through a variety of sources — some are created by our own team after enjoying food and treatments in renowned spas the world over, while others are graciously contributed to us by our participating spa and resort members, notable healthy cooking merchants, and natural home spa and beauty authors.

Spa Index Recipe Collection


Blistered Tomato Spinach Scramble

Blistered Tomato and Spinach Scramble is a light and protein and vegetable filled breakfast dish courtesy of The Ranch at Live Oak in Malibu.

Low Fat Seafood Cioppino

Seafood Cioppino is a very low fat and hearty fish stew, the perfect cool-weather treat. We adapted our recipe from one created by The Oaks at Ojai, a health spa in Southern California, and at less than 250 calories per bowl, we think its a winner.

Brow Threading, Waxing, or Tweezing?

The most popular methods of brow shaping are threading, waxing and tweezing. So which is the best and the most effective method? There are pros and cons to these methods depending on personal preference and skin health.

5 Winter Skin Care Tips by Celebrity Esthetician Joanna Vargas

Joanna Vargas is recognized as a skin care guru relied upon by celebrities and news-makers for her results-oriented facials in her Midtown NYC Salon.  She shares her 5 tips for Winter Skin Care, including remedies you can make at home in your kitchen.  Read more about...

5 Best Teas to Help You Rest

These are the 5 Best Teas to Help You Rest. Tired People — Disconnect all electronics and let hot tea come to the rescue.

Grilled Turkey Burgers with Broccoli Salad

Grilled Turkey Burgers are a terrific departure from beef, and Broccoli Slaws are popular in our home and office. They tote well, last a long time and improve with a day or two in the fridge.




We love sharing our own recipes, and, repinning wonderful spa recipes, and home spa party and spa diy tips from others.

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