15 Best Stop Smoking Retreats and Vacations

15 Best Stop Smoking Retreats and Vacations
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Whether you were searching for a stop smoking spa, retreat, local smoking cessation program, or a luxury stop smoking vacation, we’ll help you find the best destinations to choose from.    Spa Index first began curating this list in 2006 in response to reader demand, and we are always searching and adding retreats, spas and resorts offering stop smoking seminars and programs.  If your favorite region isn’t listed, check back again, or contact us for  assistance.  Here are some of the best nicotine addiction programs available at spas, hotels, resorts and retreats:


Stop Smoking at The Carillon Hotel & Spa

<strong>CARILLON HOTEL & SPA, Miami Beach, Florida</strong> CARILLON HOTEL & SPA, Miami Beach, Florida

The Carillon Hotel & Spa, formerly Canyon Ranch Miami Beach, is a luxurious wellness destination at the footsteps of one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.  It offers a smoking cessation program for both hotel guests and local residents as well. The program combines various Medical assessments, Guidance, Energy Healing and Eastern Therapies, chosen specifically to target nicotine addiction. Local residents enroll in a program with extensive medical and well-being services ranging from Nutrition to Energy Healing Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture). Guests of the hotel also enjoy access to 40+ classes daily, included in your stay, 2 ocean front pools, and 2 city view pools high on the 5th and 6th floors, overlooking Miami Beach, plus daily access to the Thermal Experience Spa, also included in hotel stay.


The Rainforest Recovery Center at the Rio Indio Lodge in Costa Rica helps “take the misery out of quitting” your nicotine habit at a beautiful eco-friendly resort.  This unique “Quit Smoking Vacation” is led by a Certified Smoking Cessation Specialist in nicotine addiction, and is the only one of its kind in the North or Central America. Not only will you finally “Kick the Habit”, but you are certain to experience a vacation adventure of a lifetime!

The program starts the first week of every new month.   The All-Inclusive rate for this 7 Day program keeps it affordable (and companion rates are available).  The rate also include transportation to and from San Jose International Airport in Costa Rica.

<strong>PRITIKIN LONGEVITY CENTER, Miami, Florida</strong> PRITIKIN LONGEVITY CENTER, Miami, Florida

Pritikin Longevity Center provides an optimal environment to “kick the habit”. With Pritikin’s Director of Behavioral Health, you will create a customized program to provide you with the skills and strategies you need to optimize success. You will strengthen your resolve to “quit”; understand the “why” of your cigarette smoking; identify your smoking triggers; and learn relapse prevention techniques. Finally, you will learn and begin to implement effective, healthy strategies to replace the unhealthy habit of smoking. Best of all, your new Pritikin Program helps ensure that you won’t gain weight while you quit.

<strong>MOVARA FITNESS RESORT, Ivins, Utah</strong> MOVARA FITNESS RESORT, Ivins, Utah

Movara Fitness Resort is a weight loss boot camp and fitness retreat in the high desert of Southern Utah.  This all-inclusive program offers an award winning health and wellness program predominantly for guests seeking to lose weight and get fit, but additional health and wellness lectures and educational series are offered, including healthy cuisine and menu planning.  The experts on staff have experience with nicotine addiction, and understand the unique challenges of kicking the habit without picking up weight, a common problem faced by smokers.   Movara personal trainers and life coaches are available to help guests drop pounds, get fit, and  kick a nicotine habit, all  in a stunning environment with excellent amenities and a true community comraderie.


Fresh Start Health Retreat Center offers its health restoration retreats at the Eco-conscious Ocean Resort, Vancouver Island’s Spiritual and Wellness Retreat Centre, overlooking Desolation Sound and the Coastal Mountain range. Fresh Start specializes in advanced whole body detoxification and self-care for individuals with mild to moderate health conditions. Since 2005, they have helped and continue to help a great many guests stop smoking, improve their digestive health, weight, back problems, arthritis, diabetes, blood pressure and other conditions, resulting in increased their energy and vitality.

<strong>JUMP START WEIGHT LOSS & WELLNESS, NY, NM, and Costa Rica</strong> JUMP START WEIGHT LOSS & WELLNESS, NY, NM, and Costa Rica

Jump Start Detox and Weight Loss Management Programs are hosted in New York, New Mexico and Costa Rica. The retreats offer advanced whole body detoxification and self-care. While the retreats are primarily designed for weight loss, they have customized many programs for guests both already at a healthy weight and for those who need to stop smoking, improve digestive health, address blood pressure and other conditions, and increase overall energy and vitality.

<strong>CANYON RANCH, Arizona and Massachusetts</strong> CANYON RANCH, Arizona and Massachusetts

Science has shown that adopting new health behaviors is easier when they are addressed from multiple vantage points. The Canyon Ranch health package is designed to help you become free of the habit of smoking once and for all. Canyon Ranch offers a 5 day smoking cessation program, which includes a pre-arrival interview with a nurse; 80-minute personalized consultation with a physician, plus post-departure phone follow-up; Lab testing; consultations with a Life Management therapist; Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Consultations; Healing Energy sessions; consultations with a nutritionist, plus post-departure phone follow-up.


The very best way to take care of a delicate problem like smoking is leaving your daily occupations for what they are and go in retreat. Take advantage of the Healthy Ibiza program in combination with complete quit smoking therapy. The stop smoking retreats range from 7-15 days in October and November.  Clients are assisted by a multi-disciplinary system wherein the individual is not only showed how to stop smoking but also how to stop being addicted — a holistic approach.   The Healthy Ibiza team organizes the retreats in collaboration with the top professionals in Yoga, Holistic Health, Ayurveda and more.   The beautiful guest villas and houses are specially selected for their location, their charm and their vibes.


The Hartland LEC program is for all who are seeking for a better lifestyle through health. The center’s health treatment programs have both spiritual and health approach, and focus on stress management and nutrition, with an emphasis on lowering cholesterol, reducing heart disease, treating diabetes, cardiovascular disease, weight management, hypertension, and smoking cessation. Hartland Lifestyle Education Center has a 10 day stop smoking plan in a relaxed, homelike setting complete with private rooms, an exercise room, recreational outings, plant-based meals, informative health lectures, practical instruction in nutrition, natural treatments (herbs, massage, Russian Steam, hydrotherapy, etc.), and lifestyle evaluations and counseling. 


The Golden Door Health Retreat Elysia is a place where tired souls can be restored, new goals set and a wealth of knowledge gained to unveil a healthier, happier and more motivated you. Set in the peaceful and serene surroundings of the Hunter Valley’s rolling hills, 2.5 hours north of Sydney, Australia.   Much of the Golden Door Program focuses on giving you the educational tools you need to make long lasting changes to your lifestyle – a plan that has been tried and tested by many thousands of guests. Guests come for many reasons: to stop smoking, improve fitness and wellbeing, de-stress and unwind, or just enjoy some well deserved pampering.

<strong>EDEN HEALTH RETREAT, QL, Australia</strong> EDEN HEALTH RETREAT, QL, Australia

The Eden Health Retreat is perfectly positioned at the end of the Currumbin Valley, one of the most beautiful parts of Australia’s Gold Coast Hinterland – and one of the most spectacular natural environments in the country. Eden Health Retreat is a place of inspiration and was created to restore your natural energy, re-discover balance and harmony, enhance your inner beauty and achieve a real sense of well being. A stay at the retreat promises to help restore the balance by offering a holistic program specially designed to alleviate stress and maintain optimum health through healthy eating, exercise and pampering. People of all ages and walks of life come to the Eden Health Retreat – whether to manage their weight, improve their diet, stop smoking, combat stress or to just take some well earned time out from their busy world.


Vilalara Thalassa Resort features six outdoor pools of fresh and sea water and one of its main trademark images: the Thalassotherapy and Spa Center, the first in Portugal and one of the most respected in the world. The resort offers a 6 day Quit Smoking Anti-Tobacco Spa Vacation which includes the Thalassotherapy Wellness/Anti-Stress Treatment program and six aerosols, an Auriculotherapy treatment, an acupuncture session, breathing exercises and a homeopathic supplements. It is the ideal treatment to kick the smoking habit or addiction, in a stunning location.


Platinum Healing UK offers comprehensive juice detox retreats in Arundel West Sussex and Lincolnshire Wolds, combining 2-3 Yoga Classes Daily, Daily Meditation, Daily Pranayama (Yogic Breathing), Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Life Coaching, Mindfulness Workshops and support and guidance will make it very easy and natural for you to become a healthy happy non smoker.


Little Forest Health Retreat is located a 1,000ft above sea level on 14 peaceful acres overlooking the historic village of Milton in New South Wales.  The retreat offers some of the best views on the east coast of Australia — the perfect place to relax, meditate, and “think quit.”  Choose from 3 to 7 day programs during which you will be guided every step of the way to reach your goal of being smoke free forever.

<strong>STEPBAC STOP SMOKING RETREAT, Barcelona, Spain</strong> STEPBAC STOP SMOKING RETREAT, Barcelona, Spain

The Stepbac® Stop Smoking Retreat is a 2 day  program in Barcelona. Stepbac® is a new approach to stopping smoking. This step-by-step intensive Retreat explores why you started smoking and how to quit smoking now and forever.  You arrive in Barcelona and are taken to the magnificent Sanctuary of Montserrat for the program, which includes the program course, airport, hotel or apartment pick-up and drop-off (flights not included), transport to Montserrat, accommodations, meals, tours of the Torres vineyard, Montserrat and the famous Black Virgin of Montserrat, expert support from Stepbac® counselors to help you stay smoke free, and free membership Stepbac® Smokefree Club.


Wait — most of these are in distant lands!  

Yes, true. 

Do you think the cost of airfare and the necessity for a passport comes at too steep a price?  Think again.

 Many of these programs, some all-inclusive, offer you the trip of a lifetime at the same time you quit nicotine and return a new person. 

The cost of your air-fare and program will never be as dear as the cost of cigarettes — and your health. 


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