Natural Soaps by Bidwell Botanicals

How do you describe why you love one bar of soap more than another?  How one bar of scented soap smells artificial and inexpensive, and one smells rich and natural?  What smells and feels heavenly to me is only ho-hum to someone else, and scents adored by others leave me wilted.

Not so with Natural Soaps by Bidwell Botanicals, which consistently make a rich, luxurious and quality bar of real soap with natural ingredients and scents which smell deep and true.

They tell you to leave the detergent in the dishwasher, and that once you try their pure soap, you’ll never go back to commercial soap.  We did, and we didn’t.

We like the Rosemary Mint soap in the morning as a means to wake up refreshed and perky without smelling like our toothpaste.  It moisturizes with shea butter and restores skin’s balance.

For the evening, however, you want to relax and unwind. Try the Honey Bamboo.  This natural vegetable soap is infused with antimicrobial organic honey, antioxidant green tea, soothing raw silk fibers and bamboo root powder to provide gentle and effective exfoliation. It has a refreshing spa fragrance.

  • Honey Bamboo Soap
  • Spa Bar Soap
  • Green Tea & Wasabi Soap
  • Lavender Goats Milk Soap
  • Blackberry Sage Soap
  • Chocolate Truffle Soap
  • Cranberry Fig Soap
  • French Green Clay Soap
  • Zen Hemp Soap
  • Bay Rum Soap
  • Limoncello Olive Soap
  • Rosemary & Mint Soap
  • Chamomile Lavender Soap
  • Peach Sorbet Soap
  • Detox Soap

Bidwell Botanicals

March 26, 2013 |

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