Skyterra Wellness Retreat & Weight Loss Spa
Skyterra Wellness Retreat & Weight Loss SpaSkyterra Wellness Retreat & Weight Loss SpaSkyterra Wellness Retreat & Weight Loss SpaSkyterra Wellness Retreat & Weight Loss SpaSkyterra Wellness Retreat & Weight Loss Spa

Skyterra Wellness Retreat & Weight Loss Spa – Lake Toxaway


Highlights and Tips:
Wellness retreat in a beautiful mountain lake setting. All inclusive with Personalized wellness and weight loss plans, healthy meals, fitness classes, educational talks, guided hikes, and outdoor activities.

Skyterra Wellness Retreat & Weight Loss Spa offers an all-inclusive program in a beautiful mountain lake setting. Guests explore sustainable foundations of wellness through daily fitness classes, outdoor adventures, water sports, farm-to-table cuisine, educational classes, and more.


Our Wellness Retreat is surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Pisgah National Forest, and the French Broad River. Skyterra integrates the uniqueness of location, culture, history and traditions. We are uniquely unrivaled because of the range of accessible experiences: hiking, kayaking, whitewater rafting, waterfall hunting, fishing, cycling, and more. Asheville, Brevard, Catatoga and the surrounding mountains differentiate us from our competitors and will surpass your expectations The area’s growing reputation and prestige and the skill with which Skyterra’s team integrates this outdoor wonderland into your fitness program make this a dream destination.   

The Program

Our program is centered around your personal journey to sustainable well-being, and no two journeys are alike. The way we set you on your path involves a return to the essential: finding inspiration in nature, looking within oneself, focusing on real, whole foods, and discovering joy through achievable fitness.

First, we help you find what triggers stress for you. Then, we provide you with all the support you need to get back to what is instinctively correct for you. The result is a profound transformation that makes the process of achieving weight loss, fitness, and wellness intuitive.

Upon arriving,  you’ll take a series of tests, including our BIA (bio-electrical impedance analysis) test, which measures body fat, muscle distribution, and body water balance; our Train Well Screening that demonstrates your cardiovascular fitness and our Functional Movement System (FMS) to identify weaknesses and imbalances. Finally, your walking and running mechanics are screened, ensuring that as you increase your exercise, nothing will stand in your way.

After your initial screenings, you’ll meet with your assigned specialist to review your results and plan the fundamentals for your time with us. At the end of your stay, you’ll have a scheduled wrap-up session to review your experiences and strategize on how you can continue your wellness journey when you return home.

Our classes are safe, fun, and scalable. At many fitness retreats, it’s about how much you move but here, it’s how you move that’s important. We’ll meet you where you are, and adapt to your body. Signature Classes are easy to replicate at home, focusing on mobility and flexibility, strength training, and cardio.

The breadth of learning that we offer is unlike any wellness retreat. We feature over 60 classes with a wide range of topics: guided meditation, self-compassion as it relates to eating, stress management, and mindfulness. Fitness offerings including aquatics, cardiorespiratory, mobility/flexibility, 9 different kinds of yoga, and a large sampling of outdoor sports.

We truly believe that the closer you are to nature, the more likely you are to have lasting breakthroughs that help you reach your health and wellness goals. That’s why we offer a variety of outdoor activities, including walking, hiking, waterfall hunting, yoga, cycling, kayaking, meditation, paddle boarding, water aerobics and much more.

The  Cuisine

The local or farm-to-table approach often means that food can ripen to its most nutritious state before being picked for sale, which is good for you. It’s also good for area farmers! “Real” foods that aren’t highly processed. They help our biorhythms and let our bodies know how to make use of what we’re consuming for nutrition and healing. Best of all? More flavor!

Guest Lodges

Each of the Skyterra lodges sits nestled among the trees of the mountain resort area of Catatoga.  Your private room includes a beautifully appointed en suite bathroom, a luxuriously comfortable King or Queen bed, a shared living room, kitchen area and outdoor patio and more. It’s the perfect place to relax and sleep peacefully after a day of adventure.

All-Inclusive Program Rates Include:

  • Private room and ensuite bath in Skyterra’s luxury mountain lodges
  • Chef-prepared meals
  • Functional Movement Assessment
  • Daily Activities
  • Fitness Classes
  • Educational Wellness Seminars


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