Creacon Lodge Wellness Centre, Ireland
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Creacon Lodge Wellness Centre

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Creacon Lodge and Healing Centre also welcomes day guests for numerous classes and workshops ranging from yoga to energy healing to green and eco-friendly living.

Creacon Lodge Wellness Centre  is a holistic place of healing in the green hills of the Irish Countryside, in New Ross, County Wexford.    Creacon Lodge Wellness Centre began life as the historic Creaken Inn and continues to welcome guests in its remodeled and expanded lodge, cafe and wellness centre.

Your host at Creacon Lodge is Derek O’Neill and his team of healers and facilitators, who have developed programs to help you discover who you really are, beyond the stress and illusion of everyday life. The energy of the retreat centre nourishes your soul and helps to awaken within you a charitable, serving consciousness. At the lodge you will find peace, quiet, enlightenment, love and a perfect environment in which to find your way back to your true joyful self.  

Workshops, Classes and Services

Creacon takes a holistic approach to wellness, offering classes, workshops, energy treatments, consultations, and nutritional meals to promote healing on all levels. The centre is ideally located in a high vibrational area on the Earth’s energetic grid, and is home to many sacred artifacts from around the world. These features combine to create a powerful energy on the grounds and makes Creacon a healing place for our guests and residents.

Infrared Sauna
Cranio-Sacral Reflexology
Mindfulness and Meditation
Dream Spa Photon Energy System
Healing Sessions
Energy Healing
Oracle Readings
Quantuam Biofeedback
Kangen Water Therapy

The Lodge

Originally an historic Irish inn, Creacon was converted by its founders into a centre for rest and rejuvenation.  It offers both private and shared accommodations and baths, nutritious meals, plus comfortable and welcoming spaces for guests to participate in retreats or just rest and relax.  The Meditation Hall is a sacred space adorned with spiritual artifacts gifted to Creacon from all around of the world, including relics from Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Mother Amma, the Karmapa and His Holiness The Dalai Lama.   The Heart Room is a cozy area with comfortable reading chairs, a fireplace, and gathering spots for small groups.  The Art Studio offers materials and tools to guests for painting, sketching, and crafting.   The Library and Book Store are well stocked with reading materials, spiritual literature, personal development guides, and inspiring tales, plus essential oils, healing tools, candles and more.

The Gardens and Healing House

Guests enjoy the tranquil rose gardens, quiet forest walks and the fragrant fruit and vegetable gardens.  The  Healing House is built in the gardens using sacred geometry and powerful mantras, and is home to the sauna room and two private rooms for treatments, sessions and wellness therapies. The seating on the deck provides an inviting place to absorb your treatment, enjoy the surroundings and listen to the birds sing.

The Cafe

Creacon Lodge Wellness Centre approaches meal time as a way to nourish, balance and fuel the body. Our Food Is Medicine programme introduces Eastern Therapeutic Cuisine and Ayurvedic meals to our menu. Good nutrition is essential for the body and all its systems to function optimally for a lifetime.  Master Chef Gaetano Pernagallo designs meals that promote health and nutrition, while delighting your taste buds, using only quality ingredients that are chosen for their seasonal and environmental appropriateness – many of which are grown in our own gardens.  Both guests and visitors are welcome in the dining hall or cafe.   Overnight guests enjoy a gourmet menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, designed for its seasonal appropriateness.while visitors can enjoy a variety of snacks, baked goods, drinks and desserts from the cafe.


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