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Poconos: Awakening Agni Retreat

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952 Bethany Turnpike, Honesdale PA 18431
  • Cost: From $229 (Program Only)

Inside each of us is a brilliant source of light and vitality. According to ayurveda, this light is agni—the inner fire that fuels digestion, supports immunity, drives creativity, and gives us vitality. When agni is low we feel dull, lethargic, detached, and unmotivated. When agni is strong we feel vibrant, engaged, energized, and purposeful. This inner fire empowers us and supports everything we do in life, from parenting, to completing projects at work, to standing up for what we believe in, to expressing ourselves creatively. Throughout life, it’s imperative we continue to stoke this inner fire of inspiration and light, so we can be fully present and enjoy our lives.

This weekend wellness retreat will teach you how to enhance and support your agni, how to contain that fire so you don’t burn out, and how to stay energized in times of stress. It includes:

  • Lecture and discussions on practices that support and sustain you, and inquiry into habits that sabotage your efforts, rather than serve your development
  • Practicums on agni sara and other ayurvedic and yogic techniques that clear toxins (ama) on every level and stoke your inner fire
  • 60-minute massage for invigoration and restoration

You will leave feeling refreshed, open and energized, and ready to launch into your life with renewed confidence and clarity.

At this weekend ayurvedic retreat you will:

  • Re-awaken passion for life with newfound enthusiasm
  • Unplug from busy-ness and rest amidst nature
  • Learn the basic ayurvedic keys to health
  • Learn self-care routines for stress management and energy maintenance
  • Experience a deeply relaxing and invigorating massage
  • Learn how to tackle projects and be your best without burning out
  • Learn easy cleansing practices for quick energy boosts
  • Practice pranayama techniques to calm the nervous system and clear the mind
About PureRejuv

PureRejuv offers wellness retreats, spa services, medical consultations and an integrative lifestyle blog to support individuals in their quest to create a more vibrant and healthy life. Their wellness retreats and services draw from both scientifically backed techniques and alternative healing methods designed to rejuvenate body, mind, and spirit. As the wellness division for the Himalayan Institute Retreat Center, PureRejuv has practiced medicine that values the whole person for over 35 years. They are nestled in the rolling Pocono Mountains of Honesdale, PA on a 400 acre campus with lodging, an educational center, day spa, book store, cafe, and more.


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