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Ontario: March Theme Wellness Retreats at Grail Springs

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Grail Springs Retreat Centre for Wellbeing
2004 Bay Lake Rd, Harcourt, ON K0L, Canada

For over 20 years Grail Springs Retreat Centre for Wellbeing has transformed and inspired thousands of people to lead healthier and happier lives. Our mission is to educate and assist individuals to reduce stress, pain, as well as cleanse their body, recharge and reconnect with life. Programs are delivered by a dedicated team of coaches, healers and instructors. Grail Springs takes a total holistic approach to health based on 7 Key Essentials from our bestselling book.

The Theme Retreats at Grail Springs will motivate you to the best you the world has ever known.    In addition to our usual all-inclusive program, guests of these retreats will journey through an enlightening and ever-rewarding process through a series of special workshops designed to help you live your best life.

2018 Health Retreats

Teachings from Nature’s Realm
Mar 2nd-3rd
Travel with Mary-Catherine Waymouth and Richard Capener through the passages of time as they share Ancient Teachings, insights, and group exercises. Rekindle your own reverent relationship with nature and begin to incorporate her wisdom back into your daily life for peace, balance and wellbeing.

Fresh Start Week
Mar 4th-9th
Have you found yourself saying…”I really need a fresh start!”? Well now is your chance to do just that when you attend this special week designed for those looking for that fresh start in life.

Grounding to New Heights!
Mar 9th-10th
With Adele Stratton. Today’s busy world of high technology and multi-tasking, offers a challenge to stay Grounded. Grounding is so much more than just planting your feet on the ground. Learn the most effective way of grounding yourself and powering up and never feel disconnected again.

Blessed From Cell to Spirit
Mar 11th-16th
6-day/5-night theme week focused on the ‘whole person’. Feeling blessed is a state of mind and heart. Awaken yourself to a life of gratitude, love and fulfillment and know the effect this has on your physical health.

In to the Mystic ~ Tara Greene, Metaphysician, Psychic, Tarot Reader, Astrologer
Mar 16th-17th
Spend a fascinating weekend discovering the secrets of the Tarot & Divination. Find out which Archetype guides you in your life. Discover your own Mythic journey through Numerology and Astrology. Experiential workshops with guided meditations.

Power of the Heart
Mar 18th-23rd
An experience that will lead you to uncover and rediscover the innate power of the love within you which can heal, transform, bring goodness and success to every aspect of your life and the people you touch.

Cultivating Inner Peace – with Sue Prentice
Mar 23rd-24th
One of the highest expressions of love is compassion. When we cultivate compassion for ourselves and for all beings we liberate our hearts from the binds of expectation and criticism. We free ourselves into a life of harmony and open up to inner peace, love for self and for others.

Follow Your Bliss
Mar 25th-30th
Travel through an enlightening process of self-discovery and fulfillment. This special theme week is designed to remind you of what you were born to do, and reconnect with the true meaning of life, joy and happiness.

The Flourishing Heart: Rediscover the Virtues of You – with Michael Marentette
Mar 30th-31st
Humanity admires individuals who have a ‘Virtuous Heart’, expressing unconditional love, are joyful, compassionate and generous to others. These discussions cause the rediscovery of your inherent virtues, allowing your heart and mind to flourish and influence the world around you for the better.


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