Tipping Spa Attendants

Q: My boyfriend and I went to a day spa to enjoy a package which included a 30 minute hot tub soak, and a side by side European massage. This was a couples package. We tipped the massage therapist for two massages.  Were we suppose to tip for the hot tub?  No one performed anything while we were in there, they just opened the door and set a timer. What would be the appropriate manner of tipping in such a situation? Thanks. — Pei H.

A:  You are never required to tip for the use of a common area hot tub without an attendant present.  However, when using a private hot tub or hydrotherapy room in a day spa, reserved for your use, tipping attendants is recommended.  It is appropriate to include a modest tip for any towel or beverage attendants if they actually assisted you when using or enjoying the facilities, or, performed any special requests for you.  However, in your case, although there was an attendant, it doesn’t sound as if any service was performed short of setting the timer.  No tipping for use of the hot tub is required under these circumstances.  We do hope you were provided with cold water to drink! — Spa Index Ed.

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