Green Spas

Spas with a Green Ethos can be as diverse as those with energy efficient construction with wind-powered or other alternative energy, use of reclaimed building materials, and proudly meeting all the requirements of LEED Certification.

Spas meeting the standards for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) have passed the rating system for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of green buildings.

For other spas, Going Green can be as simple as offering all-natural spa products or using reclaimed water, reducing their carbon footprint with energy-efficient appliances or garden-grown product ingredients, sourcing as much food as possible from on-site gardens and livestock, or offering benefits for customers recycling product products to reduce packaging waste.

It’s not easy being green” as our friend sings.    In our Green Spas Collection  we spotlight different types of green minded spas -- because ultimately, it all matters, and it all helps.   We thank these spas for  every effort made as being a step in the right Green Direction.

Here are our recent favorite Green Spas:

Eilan Hotel & Spa, San Antonio, Texas

Eilan Hotel Resort and Spa, San Antonio

The Eilan Hotel is a San Antonio LEED certified hotel. Sustainability is the core guiding principle of Éilan and the hotel strives to make this evident in every design aspect of the hotel. The hotel is also home to its own weekly Farmer’s Market for fresh produce.
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Calistoga Ranch, Napa Valley, California

Calistoga RanchCalistoga Ranch is committed to “responsible luxury” – from employing green design principles, to using landscaping that preserves water, to installing energy-efficient fixtures.   The resort strives to make positive contributions to the surrounding environment and the Napa Valley, including the Bee Well program, which provides hives for more than 100,000 honeybees.    
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Chena Hot Springs Eco Resort, Alaska

Chena Hot Springs

Chena is home to the Aurora Ice Museum, a marvel of renewable energy engineering, operational year-round using the geothermal energy that heats and powers the Resort.     Chena is also home to Chena Fresh, its locally owned produce operation. It is the farthest north greenhouse in the United States.   Learn More

Lied Lodge, Conference Center & Spa, Nebraska City

Lied Lodge

With environmental programs that focus on trees, conservation, and environmental stewardship, Lied Lodge & Conference Center was designed to serve as a resource for the Arbor Day Foundation members, and other conservation oriented organizations.  
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Rancho La Puerta Destination Spa, Mexico

Rancho La Puerta Grounds

Probably the world’s first “eco” resort, Rancho La Puerta practices sustainable organic gardening and resource conservation, and leads the way in environmental protection and education efforts in the region.    The resort’s own Rancho Tres Estrellas grows and raises the healthy fare guests dine on daily.  
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Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort & Spa, Leavenworth, Washington

Sleeping Lady Resort Organic Garden

Sleeping Lady was home to first Civilian Conservation Corps in the USA and it maintains its commitment to the Earth with sustainable practices, eco friendly construction, an organic garden, and more.    The spa also takes a green approach, making thoughtful choices to create a meaningful connection between spa guests and the natural environment.

La Clairière Bio Hotel & Spa, Alsace, France

La Clairière Bio Hotel & Spa, France

La Clairière Bio Hotel & Spa is in complete harmony with its sylvan surroundings.   The environment boosts your energy levels, helps recharge your batteries and inspires you to adopt a healthier lifestyle.  La Clairière espouses an approach of overall well-being, achieved through a combination of holistic treatments, energising, organic cuisine, and the aura of an exceptionally beautiful natural environment.  
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