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5 Best Teas to Help You Rest

These are the 5 Best Teas to Help You Rest. Tired People — Disconnect all electronics and let hot tea come to the rescue.

5 Tips for Breaking Free of Mindless Eating

Structure House, a residential weight loss program in Durham, North Carolina, shares these 5 tips to help us break free of mindless eating, get off auto-pilot, and put yourself back in control.

Best Stop Smoking Retreats and Vacations

Whether you were searching for a stop smoking spa, retreat, local smoking cessation program, or a luxury stop smoking vacation, we’ll help you find the best destinations to choose from.

25 Family Friendly Spa Hotels and Resorts

Bundle up the kids, tune up the bicycles, and book a vacation for the entire family at these family-friendly spa hotels and resorts. These spa resorts and retreats each have programs especially to help children and families build vacation memories

Pritikin Bachelorette Getaway to Miami

Rejuvenate, indulge and get healthy with these Pritikin bachelorette ideas so that you can return home feeling transformed and revitalized for your wedding day.

Best Wine Country Spa Hotels and Resorts in the USA

Spa Treatments and Wine were made for one another. Taste, aroma, sensation and a feeling of well-being all come into play, when drinking wine, eating cuisine cooked with wine, and enjoying spa treatments featuring vinotherapy — the healing properties of the grapes and seeds.

10 Things to Do in St Louis – Spas, Fitness, Food and Fun

Hello from St Louis, Missouri! This Guide to St Louis Spas is courtesy of our field staff members George and Kathy, who live in Town and Country (East St Louis).  Our team is here to guide you to spas and spa hotels in the St Louis area, plus share a few bonus picks...

10 Things to Do in Albuquerque – Spas, Fitness, Food and Fun

Deep in the heart of southwest lies Albuquerque, New Mexico, a beautiful, yet underrated part of country.  New Mexico and its healing deserts are a beautiful place to visit, but Albuquerque doesn’t get the recognition it deserves often enough. If you’re a spa,...

10 Things to Do in Las Vegas – Spas, Fitness, Food and Fun

When you think of vacations in Nevada, you probably think first about Las Vegas and its dazzling parade of lights, attractions, gambling, buffets, cabarets and more.    Las Vegas doesn’t have to be all about the casinos, gambling, and alcohol.  It has so much...

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