Spa Index Reviews Serenity Spa at the Outrigger Reef

The Serenity Spa at the Outrigger Reef is second oldest spa in Honolulu, and honors the Islands, and its guests, with spa services worthy of this environment.

Located right off the pool area at Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort, the landing area has an immediate calming effect, away from the beachfront.  The spa is popular with hotel guests, of course, but has also developed a loyal clientele from within the local community.

The spa offers a complete menu of both salon services and spa services, all by licensed and experienced staff.   After changing and stowing my gear in my personal locker, I was escorted to one of 9 treatment rooms in the 5,000 square foot spa.  The glass door to each room has an art etching which corresponds with the traditional Hawaiian patterned quilts on the spa treatment tables.

My esthetician was Dani, who performed the one of the spa’s signature facials, the Eurostone Anti-Stress Aromatherapy Facial.

I confess that for a spa guy, I’m not always relaxed in a spa setting because even when I’m receiving treatment, I’m working, taking in details, making mental notes, asking questions.   Not so with Dani — we had a fast and easy rapport because she carefully explained every step of the facial, was deft with her hands, and her easy nature put me at ease.  The bonus, however, was learning she grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area not far from my home.

Dani also took two steps which were both a pleasant first for me:  My facial included lip balm (a real treat in a sun drenched locale), and when my facial was finished, and I was dressed and ready to go, she gave me a “Personal Skincare Recommendation” with descriptions of the products used, a review of my treatment and suggestions for at home skincare.

I’ve reviewed spa hotels from New York to Thailand, and have never been given a “home skin care prescription” as a hotel guest, so I immediately polled my staff — was this a usual occurrence for them? My staff told me it’s about 50/50 — “real skin care artists” do it.  The “spa mechanics” don’t.

It should be the standard, but sometimes the transitory nature of guests in a hotel spa in a tourist location means a long-term relationship isn’t expected, and this step is skipped.  Because Serenity Spa takes the extra step to care for its  hotel guests, even after they’ve left, it isn’t difficult to see why local residents of Honolulu come to Dani and Serenity Spa on a regular basis. — KM

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