DIY Silky Rose Dusting Powder

Roses are so commonly associated with Valentine’s Day, we are sharing this recipe to either get a head start on sweet smelling Valentine’s Day gifts for your BFFs, daughters, and mothers, or, for those of you lucky enough to receive a dozen roses from your beloved — a project using those wonderful rose petals after the blooms have faded.   This DIY  recipe for Silky Rose Dusting Powder relies on both rose petals and Rose Essential Oil.

Around 1000 A.D., Avicenna, a physician is believed to have been the first person to incorporate the process known as distillation to distil the essence of rose.  Also during this period, alcohol was also first distilled by The Arabs, and then combined with essential oils, creating the first perfumes.   You may be surprised to learn that 2000 kg of rose petals are necessary to make just 1 kg of rose essential oil. For this reason, many Essential oils are costly to produce due due to both the plant quantity required and the labour intensive process to produce the oil.

More than just a sweet smelling scent, historically physicians have attributed healing properties to the flower, as well.  The 17th-century English physician Culpeper prescribed extract of rose for its cooling and astringent benefits, useful for headache and tired eyes. He also suggested an ointment of crushed roses to heal skin blemishes.   The most popular use, however, continues to be the emotionally calming and restorative reaction to the scent, alone.


DIY Silky Rose Dusting Powder
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  • sealed tin or jar sufficient to hold 2 cups of powder
  • 1 cup cornstarch
  • 1 cup baking soda
  • rose essential oil or rose attar essential oil
  • 1/4 cup dried rose petals
  1. In a mixing bowl, combine equal parts cornstarch and baking soda (enough to fill the desired size of your gift tin)
  2. Add 5-8 drops of Rose or Rose Attar essential oil
  3. Using a mini whisk or fork, press the oil into the dry mixture until completely absorbed. You can also add the powder to a sealed jar and shake vigorously to blend.
  4. Pulse most of the dried rose petals in a bullet style blender until powdered
  5. Keep a few rose petals whole
  6. Add some of the pulsed rose petals to the powder mixture
  7. Scoop the powder into the tin and place a few dried whole rose petals on top for "garnish"
  8. Seal or close lid tightly
This dusting powder can be sprinkled on sheets for a luxurious bedtime treat or sprinkled on the body after a shower for silky smooth skin.

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