Talega Day Spa

Talega Day Spa – San Clemente

Listed in CALIFORNIA, Southern California

Talega Day Spa is located in San Clemente but is molded from our Italian ancestors of some 2500 years ago, in the Tuscany region of central Italy, where an ancient people unknowingly spouted the seeds of body wellness and relaxation from volcanic thermal springs of the earth. Little did they know that they were teaching us the “art of relaxation,” and the concept of “giving back to “oneself” through massage, skin care, and body care.

The walls within Talega Day Spa, and the treatments from within, tell the story of early spa traditions, and captures this time in history. Your visit to Talega Day Spa will radiate with reminders of these early roots.

Our goal at Talega Day Spa is to remove you from the modern world, transport you to another, and relieve you of some, if not all, of those modern stresses that infiltrate our minds and bodies day in and day out. You deserve to be spoiled for a change! Through our amazing massage, and expert skin care you will leave feeling renewed and revitalized. Our treatments are tailored to tantalize your senses, and our dedicated staff is committed to stimulate body health and well-being of mind, body, and spirit. Man’s need to “spa” has always been here. We’ve come full circle, just like our ancient Italian ancestors wanted it, and present it’s benefits to you to enjoy, in the comfort of our “home.”


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