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Riverspa at CityClub



1100 Camellia Boulevard, Lafayette, LA 70508, USA

In the heart of The Village of River Ranch is CityClub, home to Riverspa. CityClub at River Ranch has membership options for individuals, couples and families for River Ranch residents, non-residents and corporate members. Escape to a world where bubbling olive jar fountains, draped chaise lounges, ambient music, and a hint of fragrance in the balmy air transport you to the beautiful Mediterranean coast. Riverspa believes that offering a fun, unpretentious environment will make every experience better for you. At Riverspa we offer esthetician advice, cutting edge concoctions, and trailblazing treatments. From spa essentials to cutting edge therapies we invite… View

Coccolare Spa

Coccolare Spa



331 Doucet Road, Lafayette, LA 70503, USA

Imagine a world-class spa offering innovative medical skincare treatment in a beautiful, relaxing environment – all designed to make you feel rejuvenated, healthy and attractive. That’s Coccolare – a spa like no other. We’ve taken the concept of a “medical spa” and brought it to life to help you achieve your longterm skincare goals. Coccolare Spa is dedicated to the restoration of healthy skin with an emphasis on non-surgical treatment options. WEBSITE   View

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