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Marilyn Monroe Spas are among the newest in luxury spas across the USA, and the Manchester Grand Hyatt is home to San Diego’s location of this iconic brand. Marilyn Monroe was one of the most beautiful women in history. From her girl-next-door approachable beauty, to her glamorous inspirations in photos and movies, her legend endures around the world. It is that legend that inspired Marilyn Monroe™ Spas.     The atmosphere of these spas are decidedly vibrant, playful and social.

Immerse yourself in the pampering treatments of a remarkable San Diego spa and salon. Incredible views of San Diego Bay and Coronado Island set a stunning backdrop for an indulgent and rejuvenating session under the skilled hands of talented staff. Treat yourself to a soothing massage, or perhaps even a well-deserved full day of luxuries from  head to toe.

Whether you’re in need of a quick nail touch-up, last-minute glamour blowout, a refreshing facial or blissful body treatment, Marilyn Monroe Spas will make you feel wonderful.  The spa is located on the third floor of the Harbor Tower. When you purchase spa services, you will also enjoy complimentary use of his and her steam rooms, saunas, tranquil lounges, and the serene surroundings of an outdoor whirlpool and lap pool overlooking the water.


December 1, 2013

I was lucky enough to be the Spa Index Secret Spa Reviewer for 8 spas in San Diego which were nominated for Best Spas in San Diego. I visited these spas between May and September 2013.

Hotel spas are often an overlooked resource for city dwellers. You get most of the amenities offered to guests (some things are naturally reserved for room guests only), and sometimes for just the price of a day fee, you can enjoy everything the hotel has to offer, from lounges, to saunas, to steam rooms.

I visited KIN Spa on a Summer morning, accompanied by my sister. We arrived at the spa and completed the intake forms and when we mentioned it was our first visit, we were given a tour of the facilities.

KIN Spa offers incredible views of San Diego Bay and Coronado Island. When you purchase spa services, you can also enjoy complimentary use of his and her steam rooms, saunas, tranquil lounges, and the outdoor whirlpool and lap pool overlooking the water. There were ample edibles and beverages — tea, juice, water, chocolates, fruit, and nuts. There was also wine and cheese available after our services.

In the KIN Spa’s case, the upper spa pool is reserved for adults only, and this was immensely appealing. It had plentiful cabanas and lounge chairs. The poolside food, cocktail and beverage services it not available at the dedicated and private KIN Spa pool, but you are welcome to order meals via room service telephone and they will be delivered to you.

While some patrons nearby were overhead regretting they couldn’t get poolside cocktails and snacks at the spa’s pool (which you can at the hotel’s primary pool), we understood this policy was actually key to keeping the environment very restful, calm, and adult. With no poolside wait staff we were free to lounge without extra eyes, no families were coming and going, and no summer revelers were consuming cocktails (read: no raucous behavior) or eating fries poolside. It was just quiet aned calm and that gives a totally different vibe to this area. Besides, we had already enjoyed fruit, crackers, cheese and wine inside the spa, complimentary.

While the steam and sauna ideas were indeed “cozy” (pretty small), we nevertheless enjoyed them because no other guests were making use of them and we had them to ourselves. I would guess that no more than 3-4 people would be comfortable sharing those facilities, however.

The only negative aspect of our visit was use of the hot tub outside. There were a few “campers” (three) who had purchased a day pass and decided the hot tub was their own for the day. If we had climbed in it would have been pretty cozy indeed. We cheerfully called out “let us know when you’re ready for a break so we can have a soak!” and the couple in the tub said “Oh we are not going to get out any time soon!” Okay. The spa can’t force other guests to vacate the hot tub and let others use it, but perhaps a time limit would be helpful for all concerned, or a polite sign indicating that if others are waiting, please be considerate by rotating your use between the hot tub and pool so everyone gets a chance.

Overall, this setting was our favorite spa for a full day of relaxation. We both agreed this is where we’d most like to return for a full day of spa services, lounging, and relaxing.

July 16, 2013

This is my favorite place to spend a “spa day” in San Diego. When I’m visiting my daughter, she and I spend the entire day at Kin Spa at the Manchester. For a day spa access fee (I think it’s $25) we use the sun deck, the adults-only (hooray) spa pool, sometimes we rent a cabana. We read books, chat, have pool-side treatments (you pay for those) and a light lunch (ditto). Without the treatments, it’s an excellent value and we feel very relaxed. With the treatments, it’s a really indulgent day AND you feel relaxed. Win Win.

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