Hotel Terme Bristol Buja, Padua, Italy

Hotel Terme Bristol Buja – Italy

Listed in ITALY

  • Via Monteortone, 2, 35031 Abano Terme Province of Padua, Italy
  • 39 049 86 69 390

The five-star Hotel Terme Bristol Buja is a modern spa hotel in the center of Abano Terme, surrounded by a large, quiet garden-park. The hotel boasts extensive and modern treatment facilities including mud baths, resident medical specialists, collective courses of gymnastics in water and in the gymnasiums. The Bristol Buja is also associated with three golf courses.

Maison BB at Bristol Buja

The hotel has developed over a 16 year history of medical and wellness program. It realized an ambiance characterized by modern design and equipped with the most advanced technologies sufficient to both relax and rejuvenate guests.

Services include traditional mud-bath and inhalation therapies, physical rehabilitation, aesthetic services, homeopathy and acupuncture, massages and manual treatments for well-being taking both a Western approach and holistic – Eastern approach.

Water Gym

Water gymnastic utilizes the liquid element to lighten the body that, thanks to thermal water benefits, is able to move more easily and softly. Changing speed and type of exercise thermal water acts on the body as a massage, producing on the muscle a stimulating and toning action or a relaxing and stretching action.


For the most active guests the Hotel has two tennis courts, one with earthen floor and one with tartan floor; a bowling green, bicycles to explore the surroundings and to dip into the green of the hills.


It is an ancient discipline that belongs to Traditional Chinese Medicine. It doesn’t require physical strength or athletic preparation. Practiced with constancy, it helps vital energy (Qi) to flow through the body without blocks, keeping it healthy and strong.


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