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Hotel Bachmair Weissach

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Hotel Bachmair Weissach is located in the town of Tegernsee, which is 50 kilometres south of Munich.

Hotel Baschmair Weissach offers an exceptional spa and wellness program for hotel and day guests a like.  The spa and wellness space have been freshly renovated with an attractive sauna exterior, treatment room, lounge area and more.  The spa offers complimentary mineral waters, organic tea and dried fruit, before your treatments. Spa therapists conduct extensive facial treatments, restorative body rituals, soothing massages and much more with a fine, expert touch.

The Finnish Sauna offers enticing scents with potent herb and aroma toppings.  The Tepidarium is a warm room  (benches, walls and the floor are heated until the air is dry with a temperature of 42°C, just a little above the natural body temperature) which stimulates the circulation in the body tissue, furthers relaxation and is conducive to healing vascular diseases, light infections (i.e. colds and coughing without fever), rheuma and metabolic diseases.

The Herbal Steam Baths  raise the body temperature to 39°C during the perspiration phase (artificial fever) has the same effect that a natural fever has in the body, namely a heightened activity of the immune cells like the neutrophil granulocytes, macrophages and the lymphocytes which are essential for the defence against infections. It is also highly beneficial for the skin and decelerates skin ageing. The skin reacts immediately when entering the steam room, the blood vessels dilate and blood flow into the skin tissue increases. Perspiration and the repeated, cold water breaks gently but deeply cleanse the skin.

The Razul Bath and Steam Treatment is an Oriental steam bath with a seaweed body scrub treatment applied to the various body parts and massaged in. This treatment increases the blood circulation under the skin,works on and detoxes the tissue and stimulates the metabolism.

Foot Bathing is perfect for the traveler’s feet.  The lower legs are dipped into cold or hot water or a change of both. A bath supplement is sometimes used. Warm foot bath are of course great in winter, cold foot bath in the summer help to cool down the whole body and have a refreshing effect.

For centuries poets and kings were drawn to the magnificent Tegernsee valley, the lake tegernsee, to find inspiration and recreation. Yoga is the ideal enrichment, it makes the body healthy, focuses the mind and soothes the soul. Regain your balance – in the conspiracy of movement, breath and concentration yoga gently releases the body and mind.  Private and group classes are regularly held in both English and German.

The Bachmair Weissach spa stands for exceptional aesthetics and privacy. With our innovative approach directed especially at people who are very involved in life, appreciate individuality, and long to get the most in rest, care and fitness in the briefest time. Therefore our Spa and treatments are also available for day guests.



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