Hacienda del Sol Costa Rica

Hacienda del Sol – Costa Rica


Hacienda del Sol in Costa Rica is pleased to offer our wellness guests a spectacular and adventurous eco-friendly setting for Raw Food and Yoga RetreatsJuice Cleanse Retreats, and Ketogenic and Tacfit Weight Loss Retreats.

Program, Food and Nutrition

All Hacienda del Sol’s health retreats include accommodation, full service a-la-carte meals, morning and evening yoga, jungle hikes, beach walks, a sunset boat tour, and access to all Hacienda del Sol’s amenities.

Depending on your specific goals, choose your retreat type — juice cleansing, weight loss, or increasing your strength and mobility with mindful fitness — or  mix, match, and personalize our on going wellness retreats and stay for two, three, or more weeks, depending on your specific health goals.

For our meals, even though we love creating vegan dishes on special occasions (and fish, once in a blue moon), our main menu is 100% Raw Vegan or Ketogenic. Some dishes include nuts but can be removed in case of mild allergies.  No smoking or alcohol is permitted on the property.

We introduce our guests to “the world’s smartest workout,” aka Tacfit. This program and our ketogenic diet has been modified into an alkalinized ketogenic diet by Dr. Diana Fuentes. Every plate is a work of art with a full spectrum of colours. It is a menu created by foodies for foodies. It is a variation of our signature raw food and adds daily caught fish and superfood supplements to achieve nutritional balance and avoid some of the most common pitfalls in a ketogenic diet, like being too acidic, easy to dehydrate, and missing micronutrients. Among the many ways we keep you well hydrated, your PH low, and absorbing a healthy dosage of vitamins and minerals is with an abundance of lemon moringa, tumeric shots; aloe vera electrolyte bombs; maca and spirulina coconut shakes; and an ample supply of colorful food, rich in micronutrients, that spill out of our plates.

Our Setting

One of the first things you’ll first notice is that Hacienda del Sol is thriving with life. Nature is everywhere! The property is located in a tropical dry forest shared with monkeys, frogs, lizards, parrots, hummingbirds, and a variety of other creatures.  Sharing your holiday with our ever-present critter population is a special part of your stay at Hacienda del Sol. While you will see many new forms of life, you are not at risk for danger.

Hacienda del Sol is close to several beaches and a daily beach shuttle is included in room rate.   Our location is intentionally distanced from urban areas in order to provide our guests with an immersive wellness experience.  There are neither bars nor restaurants near the beaches, and no other forms of commercial establishments nearby. This is wonderful for your experience at Hacienda because all of the beaches keep their natural, unspoiled beauty and you are 100% committed to your fitness program.




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