Dunton Hot Springs
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Dunton Hot Springs Resort – Dolores

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Neither the impossible beauty of the drive beside the West Fork of the Dolores River, the road perched above haunting beaver ponds nor the dancing light through the aspen groves prepares you for the first sight of Dunton Hot Springs.  A Ghost Town so lovingly restored, so honestly weathered, nestling beneath the glistening snow fields of the San Juan peaks.


Each of Dunton’s guest cabins is an authentic, nineteenth century, hand-hewn log building, restored by local and Native American craftsmen who specialize in traditional building techniques. Although no two are alike, each bears a distinct individual character and history.   All are furnished with custom luxury amenities, and reveal splendid views that change throughout the day with the shifting colors of sunlight on the mountains. All are less than five minutes walk to the bar, dining area, and adjoining conference facility of the saloon, the hot springs in the teepee and bath house, massage and yoga rooms in the Pony Express Spa, the bank of the West Fork of the Dolores, the waterfall, and the library. Some cabins have direct feeds from geothermal springs.


Guests enjoy our farm to fork concept.   We use plentiful produce which we grow ourselves at our farm and vineyard, which we supplement from our local farmers markets.  We buy meat from our neighbors, we gather the mountain’s bounty of wild mushrooms, chanterelles and boletos, and we subscribe to a farm network that gathers food from every corner of the Colorado Plateau. Everyone eats together at one of our long, old tables, and, we pack up the most wonderful picnics for your fishing trips, hikes, and horse expeditions.

Pony Express Spa

At Dunton we pride ourselves that our spa treatments provide an experience you will not find anywhere else.  After a day spent hiking or riding horses, indulge yourself in holistic and therapeutic healing. The Spa specializes in totally natural treatments, in surroundings that can only help to relax and rejuvenate.   Our treatments include skin care, body wraps and scrubs, and massage.

Hot Springs

Springs with high mineral content are recommended for various therapeutic uses. In addition to the value of the trace minerals found in most hot springs, and the stimulating benefits of highly mineralized waters, bathing in bicarbonate water assists opening peripheral blood vessels and helps to improve circulation to the body’s extremities and magnesium converts blood sugar to energy and promotes healthy skin.   We offer six ways to take to the waters, which range in temperature from 85°F to 106°F.

  •  Inside our restored 19th century Bathhouse
•  Under the stars at the original source
•  In the pool outside the Bathhouse
•  In the pool behind the Dunton Store cabin
•  Inside Well House cabin
•  Out on the river (Christoph’s spring)



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