Extended Stay Skyterra Wellness All Inclusive Health Retreats – NC

Skyterra Wellness Retreat

Extended Stay All Inclusive Health Retreats

Every Skyterra Wellness Retreat package includes on- and off-campus programming, a well-rounded roster of enriching lectures and enlivening classes and activities.

The schedule accommodates plenty of downtime, so you can relax by the lake or stroll the grounds as you please. Keep in mind that our program is very small – our maximum capacity is 20 guests. Even in group classes, you receive far more personalized attention than in most other wellness settings.

The schedule varies every week, so you’ll have plenty of fresh activities no matter how long you stay. Core weekly programming includes:

  • Comprehensive body composition and mobility screening
  • Daily guided nature walks
  • Daily breathwork and meditation sessions
  • A full array of fitness classes, including both low- and high-intensity strength training and cardiovascular workouts
  • Yoga and mobility sessions to address range-of-motion issues
  • Nutrition education and culinary demonstrations
  • Waterfall hiking
  • Seasonal outdoor sports and activities
  • Stress management skill building
  • Guidance on establishing sustainable positive habits.

For the Advanced Stay (9+ Weeks) Program, include:

  • All Fundamental Programming
  • All Extended Programming
  • $100 Certificate to the Gift Shop
  • Additional weekly coaching session
  • Personal Celebration & Adventure
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