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Poconos: Panchakarma Ayurvedic Detox Retreat

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952 Bethany Turnpike, Honesdale PA 18431
  • Cost: $2170

Ayurveda is one of the oldest systems of holistic medicine and health in the world. This “science of life” brings balance to your vital energy forces to heal existing illnesses, prevent disease, and improve overall quality of well-being. Ayurveda believes all illness stems from imbalance, and through the gentle, yet comprehensive detoxification offered in Panchakarma, all elements of a person can be brought into harmony.

Panchakarma is a serious, medically accredited cleansing program that can have many positive benefits on health and well-being. Whether you seek a simple seasonal re-balancing or an in-depth therapeutic regimen for more serious concerns, through the “five actions” of Panchakarma, deeply rooted stress and illness-causing toxins will be removed from the body and the energetic system will be restored.

Retreat Highlights:

  • Medical Consultation
    • Private medical consultation with Dr. Carrie Demers and her team to determine your Dosha and where you are experiencing imbalances.
  • Nutrition
    • Ayurveda believes you are what you eat. By eating the whole spectrum of tastes – sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and astringent – a meal is considered to be balanced, bringing harmony to your body.   You will be served a simple diet of Kitchari, the preferred cleansing meal in Ayurveda, which consists of basmati rice and mung dahl.  To help you detox even further you will be given fresh organic juices, herbal teas for your Dosha, and encouraged to drink plenty of water. This light and nourishing diet allows the body to cleanse without being encumbered by the digestion process.
  • Yoga
    • Each morning attend a custom morning yoga class limited to retreat participants only. This is a gentle, refreshing and detoxifying yoga class for any level of fitness.
  • Healing Services and Treatments
    • 1 hour biofeedback session to help you train yourself to manage stress. Includes breath training.
    • 60 minute therapeutic massage customized for your Dosha every day
    • 30 minute special Ayurvedic oil therapies, shirodhara and nasya, for daily relaxation
    • Daily steam showers to promote additional cleansing and detoxification
  • Education
    • Attend interesting classes on a variety of topics including Ayurveda, healthy lifestyle, detox/cleansing, and meditation/relaxation techniques.
    • Receive a Take Home Plan for continued success after the retreat has ended.
  • All-Inclusive
    • We are offering an all inclusive package of $2,170 for this 4 day retreat. The price includes all services, treatments, special meals, and juices, plus deluxe private accommodations in either our guest house or main building.
About PureRejuv

PureRejuv offers wellness retreats, spa services, medical consultations and an integrative lifestyle blog to support individuals in their quest to create a more vibrant and healthy life. Their wellness retreats and services draw from both scientifically backed techniques and alternative healing methods designed to rejuvenate body, mind, and spirit. As the wellness division for the Himalayan Institute Retreat Center, PureRejuv has practiced medicine that values the whole person for over 35 years. They are nestled in the rolling Pocono Mountains of Honesdale, PA on a 400 acre campus with lodging, an educational center, day spa, book store, cafe, and more.


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