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Hawaii: 3-5 Day Maui Kitchari Cleanse 2017

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505 Aulii Dr, Makawao, HI 96768, USA


Maui Healing Retreat offers health, wellness, detox and cleansing retreats. Choose from one of its curated programs, or design one specifically for your needs.  The Retreat welcomes guests in a number of lodging options, from luxury villas to charming cabins in the jungle, or, book your own lodging and come to the Retreat Center for daily services and sessions.

The Kitchari Cleanse Package

Maui Healing Retreat has paired up with Ayurvedic cleanse experts, certified nutritionists, and holistic healers to bring the highest quality ingredients and experience to our retreat guests. Each cleanse is selectively built around the needs of our guests, ensuring that you receive only the best care during your stay with us. Get ready to experience what it means to have total body alignment!

The philosophies of Ayurvedic medicine teach us that when the mind, body, and spirit are properly aligned, balance comes into our life and restores health to our bodily systems. Maui Healing Retreat utilizes a component of Ayurvedic healing known as kitchari to restore proper nourishment back into the body for a vibrant and balanced life.

In Ayurvedic teachings, proper health and nutrition begin in the digestive tract. Kitchari cleansing is a healing soup that is gently formulated with mung beans and rice along with other ingredients to restore proper nutrition back into the body. The soup itself is meant to calm the intestinal track and relight the ‘angi,’ or fire, in the belly. Kitchari cleansing involves a mono-diet that is easy for the body to break down and process with each day targeting a specific organ. Each day of your cleanse will target a different organ to enhance its productivity and function for full energy and life-long vitality.

All Full-Service Kitchari Cleanses include

  • 2-hour Wellness Consultation and Ayurvedic Pulse Assessment (required)
  • Organic, lovingly made food and beverages customized to meet your specific needs
  • Guidance to prepare yourself before the cleanse
  • Suggestions for transitioning out of the cleanse
  • Support throughout the duration of the cleanse
  • (Accommodations are arranged and paid separately, and we will assist you in choosing the right lodging)

After the Kitchari

As you wrap up the cleanse, take some time to reflect on your life so that you can move forward with whatever new intentions feel important to you. This is a potent time to cultivate a deeper level of inner awareness, to listen to your body, and to honor every aspect of your being as you transition out of the cleanse. You might also take some time to appreciate your body for all the ways it serves and supports you. Remember too, that you’ve offered yourself a valuable gift with this cleanse—one that requires a certain level of discipline and commitment. Congratulations on your accomplishment. We hope that it serves you in a multitude of gratifying ways.




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