Sunblock Recipe

Sunblock Recipe
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Our esthetician experts say “If you can see your shadow, you need sunblock.” However, did you know the active ingredients in sunblock often dissipate after the season? You should always use a sunblock, but, don’t purchase it in bulk or save that last little bit in the bottle for the next season. Buy it fresh every season, or, make your own if you don’t have access to your favorite brand. Note: This recipe will give you a white nose “lifeguard style.” 

DIY Sunblock
  • 1 tablespoons zinc oxide
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons light sesame oil
  • 1 tablespoons rosewater
  1. Mix together the zinc oxide and sesame oil.
  2. Heat the mixture gently, using a double boiler, and stir well to mix.
  3. Remove from heat and slowly add the rosewater, as you continue stirring.
  4. Allow to cool completely, and store in a clean container with a tight lid, in the fridge.
By the Way
Yields 2oz and keeps 10 days in the fridge. Be careful if you decide to add any essential oils to this Sunblock Recipe. Many are photo-sensitive and can contributing to burning. SPF factors are contingent upon many factors (ratio of zinc to base, etc).


Read a review and a great “tweak” for this recipe by BellaSugar — adding essential oil


First publication on Spa Index April 10, 2005

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  1. […] One of the best tips for avoiding peeling sunburned skin is to avoid the sunburn in the first place. Did you know sunblock has an expiration date? Buy fresh sunblock every season (our preferred brand is CeraVe), or, make your own SPF Friendly Sunblock: SpaFlyer DIY Sunblock […]

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