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Struggling to lose weight should not be a way of life.  We will help you get off the perpetual diet hamster wheel.

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Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts


Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts is a life-changing destination weight loss resort program designed especially for guests determined to live happier and healthier lives. The program is owned and operated by owners of Camp Shane, the longest running children and young adult weight loss camps since 1968.


Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts is not a boot camp nor your conventional “fat camp.” We offer a complete and integrative approach to losing weight and wellness. We’re an all-inclusive retreat where you learn to make foundational changes allowing a healthier, more productive life. No gimmicks, fads or easy fixes, and backed by nearly fifty years of experience in the weight loss industry.


Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts are not traditional fat camps or fitness boot camps.  Our weight loss resort program is designed to be both fun and challenging while allowing time for rest and reflection in a beautiful vacation resort location with amenities you’d expect from luxury resort vacations.

Our  approach to effective, safe and sustainable weight loss rests on our five principlesThe Shane Experience, Nutrition,  Behavior Change, Fitness and Integrative Wellness.


Our team of professional registered dietitians and food service experts designed our weight loss menus. You’ll be served delicious, portion-controlled meals and snacks, included in your program fee.  We take flavor, taste and even color into consideration.   We don’t serve unappealing, bland or overly restricted food, for a simple reason:  If you enjoy your food, your appetite for midnight refrigerator raids will diminish while your taste for clean eating will increase.

We understand that our guests have different needs and food tolerances. Our menu is adapted to each guest’s allergies, food tolerances and needs such as lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, diabetes, pre and post bariatric and lap band surgery, and more.


We accommodate all fitness levels and have experts to evaluate your readiness to return to an active lifestyle or take on new challenges.  Our daily fitness classes take place in the fitness centers at the resort, but every week we take our guests off property to other locations, at both gyms or natural environments,  for a break in the fitness routine and to take in the natural beauty of the area.


While our guests enjoy the private lodging and lounge sections at the resort, they also have total access to all of the amenities enjoyed by resort guests. This includes swimming pools, fitness center, tennis courts, and the spa and salon, which is a perfect destination for post-exercise relaxation. All Shane guests receive 15% discounted spa services.


Our New York Retreat is offered at Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa.  This resort is situated on 250 acres in a scenic valley surrounded by by the Catskills Mountains – a serene place to spend time, relax, regroup, and lose weight.  The Catskills have been a family-friendly tourist destination for more than a century due its proximity to New York City, where families came to escape the city summer heat.

Honor’s Haven Resort offers guests the use of an indoor pool and Jacuzzi, an outdoor pool, a state-of-the-art fitness center, outdoor tennis courts, basketball and volleyball courts, softball field, and more.  The resort’s full-service spa offers massage, facials, body treatments, a steam room and sauna, which are terrific for post-exercise relaxation.  Our guests are given discounted rates for these services.


Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts guests enjoy rooms in dedicated sections which enhances comfort, privacy, discretion, and camaraderie.   Guest rooms are available in single, double, and triple occupancy.  Reserve a private room, bring a friend or your mate,  or ask us to match you with a fellow guest.  All guest rooms have private baths, phones, televisions and free wireless internet.  Our guests also enjoy the use of a lounge area reserved especially for them, at both resorts.   This lounge is a wonderful spot for late night chats, games, and group learning sessions. Guests are also welcome to travel through the grounds and enjoy any of the many serene and scenic areas.


Sunrise Walk & Stretch.  Prepare your body and mind for the day ahead.

Breakfast: Join your coaches and fellow guests for a nutritionally packed meal, designed by our on-staff registered dietitians to help fuel your morning workouts.

Fitness: Begin your day with our exclusive and challenging Shane Signature Series classes such as Core Movements and Ready Set Go. Our classes are designed by our fitness experts to help you build strength, burn fat, and master foundational exercise techniques.

Learn: Participate in one of our Education Series classes, including Five Pillars of Nutrition led by our nutritionists to help you understand the key basics of nutrition.

Swim: Suit up for Aqua Fit water aerobics or take an express fitness class.

Lunch Break: Enjoy a delicious lunch and well deserved rest.


Gym 101:  Intimidated by or  not sure how to use gym equipment?  Our fitness coaches will meet with you to teach you how use gym equipment and machines both safely and effectively.   You’ll also be given a fitness routine to practice while our trainer stays on hand to answer questions.

Coaching:  Take a seat at Group Coaching, led by our specialized Behavior Change Coach, to help you set clear and effective goals, examine your current habits and make new choices to achieve what is most important to you.

Afternoon Snack: Enjoy a light 100 – 200 calorie snack to keep you fueled for afternoon activities.

Fitness: Claim your bike at our popular spin class and work up a sweat to energizing music.

Calm Down:  Need something quiet instead?  Improve your flexibility and calm your mind in our Breathe & Stretch class.

Dinner: Dine on a tasty and filling dinner and enjoy the company of your fellow guests.

Mingle: Don’t feel like calling it a day? Come down to the pool party, play board games with your new friends, watch a movie, or just take time on your own to explore the resort, relax, check your email, call your family, and rest up for the next day of fun!

I have felt confident continuing to lose weight at home not just to continue my new found love of life but also because I am surrounded by continued support. I am still in regular contact with the staff and the other friends I made last summer and I am armed with the tools that Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts taught me during my stay. In fact, I am hoping to return this year to Camp Shane in the hope to show my appreciation and perhaps help others who struggled like I have.



Shane Diet & Fitness Resort at Honor's Haven

2 thoughts on “SHANE DIET & FITNESS RESORTS, New York

  1. Mayra Engel says:

    I would like dates available for your New York location. How far is the resort from Long Island, NY? Thank you.

    • Spa Index says:

      Mayra, the 1-12 week programs in New York are next scheduled for June 7 to August 30, 2015, but you should contact the program directors of Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts directly to acquire about any availability in advance of those dates. The NY program is in the Catskills, just a little over 2 hours from Long Island. A nice and easy drive!

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