Citronella Mason Jar Lanterns

Aren’t these Citronella Mason Jar Lanterns beautiful?    Retro reproduction mason jars in a lovely shade of blue are filled with liquid citronella.  A hole is punched in the flat cap of a 2 part lid, a cotton string is threaded through, and ignited to make a natural and beautiful bug-free light for your garden spa party.

Citronella Insect Repellant Lanterns
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Recipes: Aromatherapy
  • Mason Jars with lids in retro vintage blue
  • Liquid Citronella from the garden department
  • Candle wicks or cotton string
  • Hammer
  • Nail
  1. Fill jars part way with liquid citronella
  2. Hammer a nail into the flat cap of the 2 part mason jar lamp to make a hole
  3. Thread long cotton string through the hole, assuring the string reaches to the bottom of the jar
  4. Place lid flat on jar
  5. Screw on ring
  6. When the citronella has soaked into the string, ignite
We found this photo on a blog crawl but can't seem to locate the original photographer. Do let us know who you are so we give you proper credit!

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