DIY Lemon Lavender Bath Melts

DIY Lemon Lavender Bath Melts

Lemon Lavender Bath Melts
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These wonderfully moisturizing and aromatic Lemon Lavender Bath Melts are just the ticket for softening and soothing dry winter skin, which can be worsened with hot baths. ¬† Now you can enjoy a warm bath and a moisturizer in one. ¬† They look lovely in a jar and make great gifts in cool months.¬† Substitute your favorite aromatics (rose petals, citrus peel and zest and herbs) for a lush and romantic blend. (more…)

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7 Ways to Use Sea Salt in your Beauty Routine

sea salt
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The newest product of the Wakaya family of health and wellness products, produced on the island of Wakaya in Fiji, is Wakaya Perfection Fijian Kosher Sea Salt.   Obviously, everyone loves how sea salt flavors almost everything we cook, but did you know, sea salt is a beauty product you should add to your daily beauty routine?   Try out these favorite recipes and let us know which are your favorites.


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Moisturizing Chia Seed Exfoliant

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Most exfoliants focus on the removal of grime and debris from the skin, but don’t help retain moisture. This DIY exfoliant does double (or triple) duty.¬† The smooth chia seeds help to scrub and exfoliate the skin, the lemon juices acts as a pore reducer and helps activate the chia seeds, and the coconut oil moisturizes. As an added benefit, the gel produced by the chia seeds helps to penetrate and moisturize your face.


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Guide to Essential Oils

Spa Index Essential Oils Guide
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For the benefit of our visitors who are considering a spa treatment which calls for ingredients in a mask or wrap which are unfamiliar, “read below before you go.” ¬† This Guide to Essential Oils provides some basic information, but it’s also helpful for selecting a new or different combination of oils based on a profile that piques your interest.

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Wheat Germ Moisturizing Body Scrub

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This combination of ingredients is best for very dry skin which needs to be softened, exfoliatated, and nourished.  It is best used the same day it is made, and not stored.  Make this before a shower and take your time scrubbing your entire torso, hands, arms and feet.  The wheat germ acts as a mild abrasive, the yogurt soothes and softens with protein and lactic acid, the almond oil helps lock in the moisture, and the honey protects.

11/27/2013 |

Sandalwood Aromatic Body Mist

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This combination of scents in Sandalwood Aromatic Body Mist makes for a musky, forested aroma.   It will appeal to men and women who like Oriental, woody, citrus and musky notes.  Distilled water (rather than tap water) is important when making any aromatherapy based treatment or product.  Distillation involves boiling the water and then condensing the steam into a clean container.  The resulting distilled water has its impurities removed, providing a cleaner, more true scent.

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Ginger Dry Skin Creme

9 votes, 4.78 avg. rating (95% score)

This recipe for ginger dry skin creme is infused with fresh ginger, nourishing oils and cocoa butter. Ginger invigorates and the oils soothe — a perfect double dose for dry skin.¬† This recipe first appeared on SpaIndex.com in December 2002 as a cold weather remedy and we’re still making it every Winter. Sometimes we use coconut oil in place of the cocoa butter, but we prefer it with cocoa butter as it is a little more solid. Use whichever you have on hand and prefer.

11/13/2013 |

Thai Herbal Balm

8 votes, 4.13 avg. rating (83% score)

Tiger Balm‚ĄĘ is a popular remedy made from a secret herbal formulation that dates back to the times of the Chinese emperors. The Aw brothers, Aw Boon Haw and Aw Boon Par, inherited the formulation from their herbalist father. They call it Tiger Balm, after Boon Haw (whose name in Chinese meant “Tiger”) who was instrumental in helping Tiger Balm become a household name in many East and South Eastern Asian countries.

Herbal Balms are for external soothing pain relief.¬† Here is a DIY version you’ll enjoy trying.

10/17/2013 |

End of Summer Almond Body Scrub

5 votes, 5.00 avg. rating (98% score)

As the end of the summer season approaches, many of us are sporting that attractive tell-tale sign of fun in the sun:  Peeling skin.  We have an excellent recipe for an Almond Body Scrub to gently and thoroughly exfoliate the top layer of dead skin cells. Body scrubs feel wonderful and relieve the itch of flaking skin.

09/12/2013 |

Coconut Oil Java Scrub

coffee grounds
7 votes, 5.00 avg. rating (98% score)

Caffeine Addiction at its  best: reduce the appearance of cellulite and exfoliate naturally with this Coconut Oil Java Scrub.   Unfortunately, it’s impossible to remove cellulite completely, however, there are things we can do to reduce its appearance. Indie Lee, founder of the all-natural skincare line Indie Lee & Co, shares one of her at-home recipes for an all-natural scrub containing her favorite ingredient: coffee. The caffeine works to dehydrate fat cells and when broken down, acts as a natural exfoliant, so use caffeinated coffee grounds.


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7 Tips to Fix Sunburned Peeling Skin

Woman With Sunscrean
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Redness, pain and peeling skin are unmistakable signs that you have spent too much time in the sun.   Peeling after a sunburn is the body’s attempt to rid itself of sun-damaged cells and protect you from premature aging and skin cancer, according to the University of Heidelberg.   Unfortunately, peeling skin is also itchy and unsightly. While peeling cannot always be avoided, you can reduce the likelihood that your skin will peel by taking proper care of it immediately after sun exposure.

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Beach Sand Scrub

beauty beach
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The next time you decide to spend the day at the beach, take advantage of the “on location foot treatment” with Beach Sand Scrub. Brazilians, particularly, are known for scrubbing their entire bodies, particularly the feet, deep into the sand while they relax on the beach.¬† The recipe calls for Canola Oil, but you can use your favorite baby oil or massage oil.¬† In a pinch you can use suntan oil, but we don’t recommend it (for tanning or any other use)¬† — they are often of poor quality and overly scented.

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Sunblock Recipe

Woman With Sunscrean
7 votes, 4.14 avg. rating (83% score)

Our esthetician experts say “If you can see your shadow, you need sunblock.” However, did you know the active ingredients in sunblock often dissipate after the season? You should always use a sunblock, but, don’t purchase it in bulk or save that last little bit in the bottle for the next season. Buy it fresh every season, or, make your own if you don’t have access to your favorite brand. Note: This recipe will give you a white nose “lifeguard style.”¬†


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Rosewater Recipe

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Our popular Rose Water Recipe is made with rose petals, alcohol and water and forms the basis for a good many home spa treatments and cosmetics for delicate and sensitive skin, and, for making perfumes and aromatics for the bath.¬† The¬† next time your sweetheart sends you flowers and they begin to droop, save the petals before they wither and use them to make rosewater, and you’ll wear your sweetheart’s gift on your skin.

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Coffee Body Scrub

coffee grounds
7 votes, 5.00 avg. rating (98% score)

This is a wonderful way to repurpose used coffee grounds from your coffee maker. We’ve tried this with both fresh ground and with used coffee grounds from our coffee maker and both worked equally well. After all, you’re after the exfoliating effect and the fact you’ve used the grounds to brew coffee doesn’t lessen this effect. In fact it makes the grounds a tad softer.


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Silky Rose Dusting Powder

rose petals
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Roses are so commonly associated with Valentine’s Day, we are sharing this recipe to either get a head start on sweet smelling Valentine’s Day gifts for your BFFs, daughters, and mothers, or, for those of you lucky enough to receive a dozen roses from your beloved — a project using those wonderful rose petals after the blooms have faded.¬†¬† This DIY¬† recipe for Silky Rose Dusting Powder relies on both rose petals and Rose Essential Oil.¬†

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Grapefruit Jojoba Sugar Scrub

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This simple grapefruit sugar scrub takes advantage of commonly available sugar as an exfoliant and the properties of Grapefruit Essential Oil (an astringent) and Jojoba Oil (skin conditioner).¬† The addition of Castile Soap helps to cleanse and rinse away the scrub.¬† You could easily add a tablespoon or two of grapefruit juice (fresh) if you happen to have it, or, a crushed grapefruit section from your breakfast, but be careful not to add too much or you’ll dissolve the sugar too quickly.

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Reader Inquiry: Can we make our own deoderants and anti-perspirants?

5 votes, 4.60 avg. rating (91% score)

I like your spa at home recipes — I make them with my Aunt once a month when we house sit together.¬† This may be a dumb question, but can you make your own deodorant/antiperspirant at home, too?¬† We were laughing that it’s the only body thing we have not made on our beauty weekend.” — Emily K.¬†

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