Bathtub Tea Bags

Lifestyle blogger RadMegan of Los Angeles shows us a simple but delightful method for creating bathtub tea bags.

Megan says “I have a friend who makes her own bath-salt mixes. When we worked together, she’d often bring me bags of the stuff to dump directly in the tub when I needed to give myself a “time-out”. While her recipe was divine, I often felt like I was marinating in a stew of dried flower bits and floating sacks of oil. I would get out of the tub with roses stuck to my thighs and lavender flowers matted into my scalp. Honestly, sometimes that was a really nice thing. But other times, it wasn’t.”

Megan fixed that problem with her clever Bath Tub Tea Bags.  These little gems filled with your favorite salt or herbal remedies are wonderful for your own use, or, to give as favors at your spa party, and of course, as stocking stuffers and shower gifts.

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