Sleep Peacefully with Aromatic Bath Blends

Aromatic Bath Blends and Oils

Buckle up, it’s going to be another bumpy holiday season. Our friends in Midwest and East Coast of the United States are experiencing record snowfall, and shopping centers and malls are opening even earlier than usual this year (some even on Thanksgiving Day itself).  The stress of holiday shopping (a self-imposed stress which we avoid, but one which can be hard for others to break) and entertaining visitors is going to be more difficult.   You’re going to need a good night’s sleep before, during, and after Thanksgiving and Christmas, and here are Aromatic Bath Blends which will help you get it.

Taking a long, hot bath is a cure-all for just about any stressful situation, particularly if you invest just a few minutes to make it a spa break, which is easily done by setting the scene, dimming the lights, turning off any nearby televisions and mobile devices, pouring a glass of wine or herb-infused sparkling water, and using a custom aromatic blends designed to aid in a good night’s sleep.

There are several aromatherapy blends which aid in relaxation and rest, but these are the most common for rest and sleep. You can make your own blends by combining these scents with soothing Epsom salts and good quality essential oils, plus dried and crushed botanicals, purchase your favorite blends ready to go, or try the recipes shown at the bottom of this page.

Aromatic Bath Blends and Oils


This botanical is the most often used for relaxation and promoting sleep.   This is why so many “linen sprays” are lavender infused, with the idea being your pillow and sheets should smell of an aroma which avoids stimulation and promotes sleep.   Lavender has dark floral, musky, and woody herbal notes, and has historically been used by botanists and apothecaries for treating insomnia, PMS, anxiety, tension, headaches, and more.

Look for lavender in fresh buds, bath salts blends, essential oils, linen sprays, body powders, and scented candles.  Lavender is not recommended during pregnancy so you may want to check with your healthcare provider before direct lavender products on your skin.

Aromatic Bath Blends and Oils


It’s possible there is no floral fragrance so immediately identifiable as the rose. It has a heady, deep scent, and its properties, from rose petals to its essential oils, have been used to cure ills for centuries, including soothing skin, treating headaches, and resting tired eyes.

Look for dried rose buds, petals, distilled rose water and essential oils to blend with salts, float in the bath, or use as a bath tea.  A spritz of rose water on linens before sleep is doubly wonderful.

Aromatic Bath Blends and Oils


Although this botanical is most commonly used as an herbal tea, it’s also a terrific hair rinse for brightening blonde hair and is a nice bath blend.  In addition to its relaxing properties, chamomile soothes skin.

Look for Chamomile buds, or good quality chamomile tea bags for use in the bathtub. Chamomile is not recommended for ingestion during pregnancy so you may want to check with your healthcare provider about drinking Chamomile tea or using products on your skin.

DIY Insomnia Milk Bath

Every facet of this Insomnia Milk Bath is designed with rest in mind. Lavender, well known for it calming properties, milk, marjoram and essential oils.

DIY Lemon Lavender Bath Melts Recipe

These wonderfully moisturizing and aromatic Lemon Lavender Bath Melts are just the ticket for softening and soothing dry winter skin, which can be worsened with hot baths.   Now you can enjoy a warm bath and a moisturizer in one.  

Aphrodisiac Bath Blend

Stir together this Aphrodisiac Bath Blend to relax the mind. The properties of the essential oils also stimulate euphoria.

Lavender Bath Fizzies

In desperate need of a coveted spa day, or looking for a way to make bath time more fun? Easily Concoct A New Bath Time Favorite — DIY Bath Fizzies.

Rosewater Recipe

Our popular Rose Water Recipe is made with rose petals, alcohol and water and forms the basis for a good many home spa treatments and cosmetics for delicate and sensitive skin, and, for making perfumes and aromatics for the bath.  The  next time your sweetheart sends...

Epsom Salt and Rose Oil Bath

Remember the Epsom Salts in your favorite Aunt’s bathroom cabinet?  It’s time to pull that box out from the under the sink and put it to good use in your Spa DIY recipes.Epsom salt derives its name from Epsom, England and the Epsom Salt Council tells us...

DIY Creamy Aromatic Milk Bath

This recipe for Creamy Aromatic Milk Bath Paste is one of our favorites. Enjoy smooth, silky, moist skin. Perfect for cold weather climates AND after too much sun.

Bathtub Tea Bags

Make your own bathtub tea bags for a relaxing spa treatment in your tub. Perfect for gift giving as well. We are fond of giving these to clients and customers rather than typical holiday fare. Everyone loves them.

Red Wine Honey Bath Soak for Dry Skin

Red Wine Honey Bath Soak Recipe by The Spa at the Grove Park Inn, Asheville, North Carolina. Settle in and let wine works its magic in a whole new way.

Vanilla Rose Bath Bombs

Mold these vanilla rose bath bombs in a muffin tin, ice cube tray, or with your hands and enjoy a nice warmly scented bath whenever you desire. Print Vanilla Rose Bath Bombs Makes 7 medium sized bombs Courtesy of: | Spa Lifestyle Daily In: DIY...

Bubble Bath Jelly Cubes

Bath jams and jellies are a fun way to make soft, wiggly cubes of bubble bath, particularly appealing to children. Print Bubble Bath Jelly Cubes Courtesy of: | Spa Lifestyle Daily In: DIY Recipes: Bath Ingredients For Scoopable Jar Jelly 1...

Sea Kelp Mineral Facial and Mineral Bath

Seaweed Bladderwrack Flakes are natural, mineral rich and also contains vitamins which will absorb through skin. The seaweed flakes turn to gel which is released by gently squeezing pouch as it soaks — you’ll breath in a fresh ocean smell (not fishy!). Seaweed Minerals and Vitamins are nourishing your skin and soothing your sore joints and muscles.

Foaming Vanilla Honey Bath Oil

Bubble Baths or Bath Oil? With this recipe you don’t need to choose. Combine them for an moisturizing bath with foaming bubbles. Print Foaming Vanilla Honey Bath Oil Courtesy of: | Spa Lifestyle Daily In: DIY Recipes: Bath Ingredients 1...

Chocolate Bubble Bath

Make your own Chocolate Bubble Bath with either grated chocolate or cocoa powder, and either powdered milk or soy milk, for a nourishing soak.

Roman Bath Soak

The origin of the name is curious. Ancient Romans most certainly didn’t use shampoos or foaming agents in their bathing rituals, but this is a good recipe by any name. This is an easy and indulgent soak ideal for winter dry skin or overly tanned and ocean-dried summer skin.

DIY Bath Cookies

DIY Bath Cookies is our most requested recipe. Bake up these little bath nuggets and drop them in a warm bath for a soothing treat.

Calming Herbal Bath

This Calming Herbal Bath Recipe alleviates fatigue, light-headedness, itchy skin, jangled nerves, and more.
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