The Grail Springs Alkaline Diet for Health and Wellness

The Alkaline Way – pHact or pHiction?
Madeleine Marentette, Grail Springs, Canada

With all the debate going on about detoxing and the benefits of adopting a pH balanced diet, healthy minded individuals are at a crossroads as to what to believe and what regime to follow in their quest for optimum health. So let’s look at some facts with a trip to the biology lab of our high school years and a little lesson in Acid-Alkaline 101.

The human body is normally slightly alkaline which is where it functions best, our blood sitting at 7.4 on the pH scale of 1-14. When food is consumed it breaks down to a measurable element of acid or alkaline. This has nothing to do whether the food itself is considered acidic. For instance though acidic in taste, lemons are alkaline-forming when consumed and metabolized. Although our body does require some acidic element from our foods for proper body function, if over consumed, they can produce high levels of mucus which becomes home to viruses and bacteria where they can grow and thrive.

The Alkaline Diet

Now let’s take a trip to biology class where you may remember the old petri dish experiment to culture cells. These were clear plastic discs with an alkaline or acid based gel that covered the bottom of the dish. The teacher would have demonstrated what happens when you place an element of bacteria from the same source, one in the acid tray and one in the alkaline tray, and leave it for a few days. I remember this experiment clearly. We came back from a holiday break and the trays were brought out of a dark cupboard where they were stored. The acid tray was completely overgrown with a green mould, while the alkaline tray was completely clear. At the time we were not relating the experiment to diet, but the results did stick with me. Eventually when I was introduced to the pH balanced diet, I remembered the biology class experiment.

Just imagine applying this same experiment to your gut and colon. Our colon is indeed like a petri dish. It provides a warm, dark, pH environment. If you are eating a consistent balance of alkaline-enriched foods, which is considered 70-80% of your daily intake, then more than likely you have a clean, functioning gut. If you are eating an unbalanced diet of high-acidic mucus-forming foods, then your gut and colon will be vulnerable to bacteria growth. Hence, these individuals will be more susceptible to infections and viruses among other symptoms that can follow over a long period of time like chronic degenerative diseases. Disease loves an acidic environment. Do we need bacteria? Yes. Do we wish to provide an environment for bacteria to flourish unchecked? No. Hence the science behind the pH balanced diet and why we should be sure to follow the 70-80% alkaline food rule. (see food chart)

An alkaline-based food plan that is integrated into a lifetime holistic plan will help to ensure a happy, healthy and long life. Grail Springs Retreat Centre for Wellbeing has developed a tried and true holistic plan based on 7 Essential Elements that can ensure optimum health:

  1. ASSESS: assess your energy level, health and wellbeing regularly
  2. CLEANSE: detox seasonally and do a gentle cleanse weekly
  3. NUTRITION: adopt the balanced alkaline/acid pH approach to diet
  4. BREATHE: learn techniques to breathe deep which reduces acidity and releases stress
  5. MOVE: ten minutes a day to oxygenate body, move lymphatic, raise energy & muscle tone
  6. MIND: meditation ten minutes a day to induce calm and reduce stress
  7. SUPPORT have a buddy system or a coach to support your goals

This Alkaline Diet Plan is part of your perfect day when you visit Grail Springs.  We start with yoga and meditation classes, then take to the saunas and healing spa therapies. Guests venture through our trails by foot or by horseback to discover a hidden grove, our unique crystal hill for reflection and meditation.   We offer seminars and classes exploring new ideas delivered by guest presenters, and personalized fitness and training in a warm and supportive atmosphere.  All this is enjoyed near a picturesque spring-fed lake near Bancroft, Ontario, ‘The Mineral Capital of Canada’, a scenic two and a half hour drive from Toronto or Ottawa.

Don’t miss trying some of our guests’ favorite recipes,  developed by or served at Grail Springs in accordance with our Food Plan. 

Click here for recipes

Madeleine Marentette is an author, speaker and the founder of Grail Springs Retreat Centre for Wellbeing in Bancroft, Ontario, Canada.

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