Acupuncture or Acupressure? What’s the Difference?

Acupuncture or Acupressure?

Acupuncture or Acupressure

Acupuncture uses needles and Acupressure does not.  Both are ancient forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Acupuncture is a system of healing based on inserting small needles into energy points throughout the body. This dissolves obstructions in the flow of energy and correct imbalances.  The needle are extremely fine and thin and the insertion is painless.  Many patients fall asleep during the procedure.

Acupressure is healing based on apply finger pressure and massage to energy points which releases muscle tension.   An Acupressure Facial uses finger massage to acupressure points in the facial area, to obtain deep relaxation and prevent stress wrinkles.

photo credit: Megan Mallen


November 14, 2012 |

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