5 Best Teas to Help You Rest


If your life is like ours, traveling a lot or keeping long and erratic hours, there are days that seem as if they will never end, and everything which can go wrong, does go wrong.   Compound that with being in a strange hotel room (which isn’t always a nice spa resort), we find ourselves tossing and turning, tired, but unable to sleep peacefully.   Disconnect all electronics and let hot tea come to the rescue.

These are the 5 Best Teas for Tired People who need a rest.

Chamomile Tea


One of the best, tried and true teas for tired people, chamomile has long been used for is soothing and calming effects and its ability to help people fall asleep. The sweet aroma with a hint of a fruit flavor of chamomile makes for a great tasting tea as well, and suitable for children. To prepare chamomile tea, just add one small teaspoon to a cup of boiled water, and let steep 5 minutes. Strain, preferably without sugar. If sweetener is desired, try honey, agave, or maple syrup.

Green Tea


Perhaps getting to sleep is not your problem, rather, you have trouble trying to get going in the morning or you feel sluggish in mid afternoon. A lot of herbal teas formulated with green tea can offer you a terrific and natural energy boost to overcome tiredness. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants making it a healthy alternative to a morning cup of coffee.  Before bed, however, choose a decaffeinated green tea, preferably unflavored and unsweetened, to aid your body in relaxing, eliminating waste, and stabilizing your metabolism.

Ginger Tea


If you are you feeling tired due to the nausea associated with flu, stomach aches, morning sickness or other digestive problems, ginger tea is a good choice. Nausea and vomiting can leave you feeling tired and run down, and ginger is known for its ability to settle a queasy stomach and promote healthy digestive functions, and sooth nerves.

Mint Tea


Peppermint is another great tea for nausea and digestive problems; however, its more energizing properties also work well for combating exhaustion, headaches, and stress. The menthol found in the  essential oils of real peppermint acts as muscle relaxant, and this in turn leads to relaxation of the body and mind.  In addition, the great light and refreshing taste of peppermint makes for a great tasting tea served cold, over ice.

Cinnamon Tea


Cinnamon is a great warming and soothing tea that is good for exhaustion as well as treating low blood pressure and indigestion.   The warm and spicy aroma and flavor is great for tea on its own, but it blends well with other teas, specially black tea and citrus teas. We’d avoid buying tea in bags which may be stale, and cinnamon tea can be made as simply as stirring a cinnamon stick into a cup of boiled water and letting it soak 10 minutes, or stirring decaffeinated black tea with a fresh cinnamon stick.


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